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Achievement gaps on general intelligence loaded tests

“A second issue is what to do about the achievement gap between children of different ethnicities. This is an extremely difficult and vexing question, one to which many scholars have given a great deal of attention. Our society desperately needs to close this gap.”
— Sternberg, 2008. The Answer Depends On the Question: A Reply To Eric Jensen


Constant at ~1 SD for over 22 years.

In 2009, the SAT gap remained at 1 SD (1).


1. The 2009 SAT reports:
Black averaged scores: 426.67 SD 93.67; White averaged scores: 524.34 SD 100.34

D=(XA-XB)/Sw; Sw=[(NASA^2 + NBSB^2)/(NA + NB)]^1/2 = 1 SD

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