1. May 6, 2011 at 9:20 pm

    Subject: Human Origins and Genomics in the Age of Cosmic Genealogy

    In its process of change and development evolutionary philosophy/sociology recognizes intelligent life as a gift with indefinable promise, meaningfully inseparable from reverence for life – and from universal forelaws of empathy and compassion (empirical attributes of cosmic genealogy seated within the genome of humankind and all intelligent life).

    “Ethics is nothing less than reverence for life” – Albert Schweitzer

    The merger of astronomy and biology (astrobiology), and discovery thus far of over 1700 exoplanets, testify in modern times to the age of cosmic genealogy on Earth, launched in 1859 with Louis Pasteur’s pivotal work disproving spontaneous generation of life.

    “Life comes from space because life comes from life” – Brig Klyce, Astrobiology Research Trust.

    Evolutionary philosophy/sociology properly grounds education at all levels, and life-centered cosmologies, on values of reverence for life and universal forelaws of empathy and compassion. That life is a cosmic phenomenon constitutes the premise of panspermia (seeds everywhere), underlying evolutionary philosophy/sociology.

    “We are witnessing the birth pangs of a paradigm shift as important as the Copernican revolution half a millennium ago” – N. C. Wickramasinghe, Director, Cardiff Centre for Astrobiology, Cardiff University (2000-2011) – discussing panspermia and the significance of “Fossils of Cyanobacteria in C11 Carbonaceous Meteorites” (The Journal of Cosmology, March, 2011), by Richard B. Hoover, NASA, Marshall Space Flight Center.


    “But the climaxing observation appeared in year 2002. How exceedingly ironic that 30 years after Fred Hoyle pointed to NGC 7603 as a crucial system which must force out acceptance of the existence of discordant redshifts – after a generation has passed – the luminous link between this active Seyfert and its appendage is observed to have two high redshift, quasar-like objects in it.” . . . . . “Of course, today, for science in particular, electronic communication makes possible communities of individuals from all corners of the world. The most direct
    evolution toward an enlightened science is for these groups to just go about supporting each other in doing
    science free of disproved, official assumptions.” (Halton C. Arp, American Astronomer, Max Planck Institute for
    Astrophysics, and author of Seeing Red, Apeiron, 1998).

    “The first message from an intelligent extraterrestrial civilisation may not emerge from a radio telescope but,
    instead, from a DNA sequencing machine.” – John Walker, Fourmilab Switzerland.

    Intelligent life with singular roots in evolutionary philosophy/sociology, following through on the gift and promise of intelligent life, propagates itself reciprocally from infinity to infinity. Operative in the cosmic dissemination of intelligent life by intelligent life is the phenomenon that no two solar systems with intelligent life are exactly the same, explaining superficial “races” (before amalgamation) in the makeup of intelligent life. Determination of planet-specific origins through successes in SETI and other programs in the nascent science of astrobiology – satisfying the deep human need to know from whence we came – is consistent with evolutionary philosophy/sociology in the age of cosmic genealogy on Earth. http://www.forelawsonboard.net/CosmicGenealogy.html

    In forelawsship on board,

    Robert E. Cobb
    Forelaws on Board

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